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Arrow Financials and ArrowSQL are leading Australian accounting software solutions. They have been specifically designed for small to medium sized businesses by Arrow Research Corporation. Arrow software has received nominations for several awards and has built a reputation as a proven performer in the marketplace.

Thousands of businesses, across a broad range of industries including wholesale and distribution, manufacturing, professional services and not for profits, depend on Arrow Software in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom to address the business challenges that they face each day.

Arrow Financials and ArrowSQL consists of 11 modules and 9 optional add-ons. Organisations can select the modules and add-ons that best meet their needs, so they have an accounting solution that is customised to meet their business needs.



  • Deep functionality

  • A fully integrated solution

  • Affordable and easy to use software

  • Intuitive screens layouts and easy to read reports

  • A scalable solution that grows alongside your business

  • Suitable for one or hundreds of users

  • Comprehensive security features so important financial data is accurate and secure

  • Seamless data interchange with third party applications such as Microsoft Excel or other external software applications using the Arrow Link gateway

  • Modular – Flexibility to select the modules and optional add-ons that apply to your business


ArrowSQL enhances your business performance. Microsoft SQL server is an industry leading, highly robust and secure platform. This means:


MINIMAL DOWNTIME – The Microsoft SQL platform is very reliable, so performance is optimised and your financial data is available when you need it.

INCREASED SPEED - ArrowSQL offers extended reporting and data manipulation tools and reporting so that data analysis is faster.


BETTER DECISION MAKING – Microsoft SQL Server’s built in business intelligence tools allow organisations to gain important insights using crystal reports and Microsoft analysis server. Better business knowledge means better and more informed decision making.

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